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    CESSON 3.0 is a marketing and training agency focusing on three critical areas for companies: Surfing the Social Media (marketing); Bridging the Generational Divide (working with four generations); and Navigating the New Normal (achieving success in the 21st century). In addition, the agency’s President and CEO, Philippe Cesson, is a keynote speaker for major international conferences and company workshops, where he engages audiences of all sizes on these subjects. CESSON 3.0 the alchemy of business, life & technology.

    Founded in a garage in 2004 and incorporated in California in 2006, CESSON 3.0 now has offices in San Diego and New York City. The agency attracts and serves clients throughout North America, from start-ups to half-billion-dollar enterprises in both the consumer and business sectors.

    A partial list of clients include: Baillie Lumber, Quick N Clean, Vision West, C&E Vision, Gibraltar Laboratories, Reliant Programming, GetDocsNow.com, Outsource Telecom, TalenTrust, Frank Motors, SDA Security, Bari, Whitaker México, Pretmex, Vistage México, Professionals Arts Pharmacy, The Studio Downtown, Woodlands Prep School, A-Cert, Cormode and Dickson, Petrotech Inc., A. Perry Homes, Advantage Benefit Solutions and Pier and Associates.


    Keynote addresses and speaking engagements include, among others, Canadian Council of Independent Labs, Minnesota Shopping Center Association, Express Car Wash Association, Control Systems Integrators Association, Ministry of the Environment (Ontario, Canada Government), Vistage, Ball Horticultural, NYC French-American Chamber of Commerce, TEC Canada, International Coatings, Baird & Warner, BMA Management, and the Association for Manufacturing Technology.


    The team at CESSON 3.0 consists of professionals who strongly believe that technology can positively impact our daily lives.


    As the successor to the traditional marketing agency, CESSON 3.0 focuses on providing education and value by leveraging the latest technology. Educating clients enables them to create the successful social media campaigns they need to flourish. To facilitate this, CESSON 3.0 transfers its knowledge and expertise to a client’s company and works with them to achieve optimal results. Likewise, the CESSON 3.0 model provides value because it is the most cost-effective way for a company to achieve its goals at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and training agencies.


    Philippe is one of the most entertaining, in-demand speakers on the circuit, consistently receiving some of the highest satisfaction ratings among attendees. He has delivered more than 400 presentations, keynote addresses and workshops, bringing energy, passion, a sense of humor, interactive technology, and his delightful accent to each and every speaking engagement. Currently, Philippe speaks on three principal topics: “Marketing 3.0: Social Media and Social Networking”; “Bridging the Generational Divide: Integration of Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y in the Workplace”; and his latest, “Navigating the New Normal: A CEO’s Survival Guide to the 21st Century.”


    Philippe Cesson

    Chief Alchemist

    Philippe left the comfortable surroundings of his native French Riviera to seek his fortune overseas, and become an American citizen along the way.

    With 400 conferences and counting, he is bringing the good fight of technological, generational and social media change
    to businesses and executives all over North America.

    Philippe always incorporates humor with his charming accent and business acumen to perennially make him a memorable, highly rated and sought after speaker, as recognized by his membership to the exclusive “200 club” of top Vistage speakers.


    Philippe himself is eagerly looking forward to a faster, better connected world, while sporadically disconnecting days at a time to explore remote areas on his motorcycle in the American Southwest and Baja California.

    Jennifer Abbots

    Communications Captain

    Jennifer spent her childhood traveling frequently between the woods of Northern Connecticut and the deserts of New Mexico before moving to New York City for college. Her constant passion has been words, stories, and forging real connections through narrative.


    Once in NYC, Jennifer quickly immersed herself in the world of books, working in libraries and bookstores. A job at an online book review site led to a career spanning more than 15 years in the publicity and marketing departments of top publishers including Macmillan, Hachette, and Scholastic.


    When not spearheading communications campaigns, Jennifer does a fairly impressive amount of reading and writing for fun. She also thrives on finding unknown nooks in Brooklyn to dance and laugh the night away. And she will always stop whatever she is doing to pet your dog, cat, bearded dragon, or other animal friend.


    Social Media Geekette

    Chelsea Van Es is a true Geekette at heart. Her grandfather, who was a head teacher and programmer at IBM for 30 years, gave Chelsea her first computer when she was only six years old‚ launching her straight into the technology world. By the age of 16 she was building websites in HTML, and installing Internet and programming software for a fiber optics company.


    At the age of 18, Chelsea joined a global sales and marketing company which led her to developing a large organization that took her around the world, including Africa, Mexico and a year abroad living in England. During this time she was the host and presenter for events of 300+ attendees‚ sharing her experiences and motivating other young entrepreneurs and business people alike.


    Now living in Southern California with her husband and son, she is putting her passion for technology to work providing companies throughout the United States with Internet/Social Media Marketing and Web Development services. Chelsea continues to enjoy coaching and helping others reach their potential through online and in person sales and marketing.


    Financial Administrator


    Necia was born in a little town in Idaho and moved to Southern California when she was 5 years old. She grew up in a very non-tech world, and graduated from Cal State Northridge with a BA in Finance and Business and has worked as an accountant for American Suzuki, Warner Brothers Studios, UNX and Xerox.


    Necia learned to use computers when 8” disc’s and 8 track tapes were the rage. She has advanced from that and am continuing to develop her technology and social media skills as we speak.




    When she is not juggling 6 projects at once her passions are learning, traveling, fishing and spending time with her family.

    Alejandro Pavía

    Spanish Content Specialist

    Alejandro is a creative engineer of music who is connected to social media. He has a full understanding of how social media works and the way it can reach people through content of great quality.


    He is fascinated by the way music can express feelings through our voice, that is why his main passion is singing. As baritone he has worked in musical theater plays such as "Joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat", "Beauty and the Beast", "Spring Awakening", "Mamma Mia", "The Addams Family", "In the Heights" and currently in "The Four Seasons".




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